Crews work overnight to remove snow at Arrowhead Stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hours before kickoff, snow removal crews worked diligently Saturday night to clear Arrowhead Stadium for fans and tailgaters who are attending Sunday Kansas Chiefs game against the Indianapolis Colts.

For three years, the Martz Bros Snow & Ice Removal company have had the task of cleaning up the stadium during and after snow storms.

The company has brought in twice the amount of equipment to complete this task, they did not expect the amount of ice that's fell Saturday afternoon.

They're not only responsible for clearing the area outside the stadium, but inside as well.

"[The biggest obstacle] is clearing out the interior—all the snow that they're sliding down chutes from the aisles and everything that falls comes down to the field," Jim Martz, the executive vice president of the company said. "They're going to push it to one area. We're loading it and hauling it out and dumping it off site and continue to do that until it's gone."

Their other challenge is timing. They have to be out of the stadium by 5:45 Sunday morning and out of the parking lots by 7:45 A.M. right before the gates open.

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