Gary Lezak's 2013-2014 winter weather forecast

A wet winter is likely in Kansas City!  Rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain will all be likely at times this winter. 

The weather pattern has now set up.  We use the LRC (Lezak's Recurring Cycle) to make accurate long range weather predictions. You can learn more about my theory by visiting the weather blog,  This year's pattern is going to be an active one. We have identified two main storm tracks.

Storm Track 1 is going to occur often this winter into next spring. And, the conditions will be there for wet storm systems. We will likely see three to five of these set-ups during the heart of winter and this is why we are expecting above average rain and near to above average snow in Kansas City. There is a second storm track that will provide colder air at time.

When Storm Track 2 develops we will have an increased chance of an Arctic outbreak, and some lighter snowfalls.

Kansas City Forecast:

• Near to above average temperatures
• Above average rain & snow
• Snowfall forecast: 22"
• Two Arctic Outbreaks
• One moderate to strong ice storm
• No chance of a drought next spring

We will keep you updated as we go deeper into winter.  Our weather team has made their own predictions:

Jeff Penner:  20" of snow
Kalee Dionne:  24" of snow
Michelle Apon:  16" of snow
JD Rudd:  36" of snow
Gary Lezak:  22" of snow

Team average:  23.6" of snow

Let's see how this all evolves in the next few weeks.  We are in for a rather wild ride of ups and downs, snowstorm, dry spells, and one ice storm.  There will be some nice stretches, but a lot of longer cloudy stretches as well. We will keep you updated with Kansas City's most accurate forecast.

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