How prepared is Kansas City for the first snowstorm of the season?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Department of Transportation crews in Johnson and Wyandotte counties are preparing for the first snow storm of the season, even though many of the rest of us might not be ready for snow.

As KDOT crews get ready for a long night, supervisor Rick Looper has seen it all.

"I've seen cycles in 23 years; it just comes and goes," he said.

The KDOT crews at Interstate 35 and Lamar will come in at midnight, ready with 2,000 tons of salt ready to hit the 270 lane miles including parts of I-35 and I-635 under their charge.

A storm, like the one about to hit, could use between 300 and 500 tons, according to Looper.

"You just never know from one year to the next," he said.

Looper and many people considered last winter mild. Maybe that's why so many people in Kansas City aren't ready for a storm to hit.

"I don't have a scraper in my car!" laughed Anita Parsa. "I have three in my utility closet but none in my car!"

Parsa may not be ready, but her kids certainly are.

"My daughter put a spoon under my pillow and her pillow because that's supposed to make it snow!"

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