Kansas City winter parking rules take effect at 9 a.m. Monday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - About 60 KCMO city crews spent most of the day Sunday pushing as much snow off city streets as they could ahead of the next round of winter weather.

The city's winter parking rules go into effect at 9 a.m. on Monday. If you live in a residential area you will be required to park on the correct side of the street.

If you live on a street that runs north/south, then you are to park on the west side of the street. If you live on a street that goes east/west then you are required to park on the north side of the street.

If your street has a two hour or no parking side it will not be enforced during this time so everyone can follow the winter parking rules.

If your vehicle isn't moved to the correct side the city will tow it. The cost to the car owner will be around $200.

Elizabeth Schoch has lived near the intersection of Bell Street and 40th for 18 years. She's happy her SUV has four wheel drive because in front of her house where she has to park still has a lot of snow.

"It's not just right here. It's just all these back sidestreets. If you live in the neighborhood you're just kind of stuck," said Schoch.

She hopes the city's parking rules for the next snow storm will keep her street cleared for once.

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