Snow in southern Missouri could make Christmas travel treacherous, MoDOT warns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Transportation has issued a warning for holiday travelers as snow is expected to accumulate across southern portions of the state on Christmas Day.

"Driving will become difficult as the winter storm covers the region Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning," MoDOT said in a statement released Monday.

Snow totals range between one and nine inches, with the heavier amounts predicted near the Arkansas state line.

41 Action News Meteorologist Brett Anthony said the Kansas City area should only see some light flurries from the storm, but travel to the south - including areas in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas - will likely become treacherous.

Drivers should be prepared for snow-covered roads and limited visibility beginning Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday, according to MoDOT.

MoDOT plows and salt trucks will begin hitting the affected roadways as soon as the storm arrives.

"Crews will focus efforts on the highest traffic volumes routes like I-44, I-49, Route 65, Route 13 and Route 60," MoDOT said. "They will make it to lesser traveled routes at least once or twice during the storm to plow and to treat hills, curves and intersections."  

MoDOT offered the following tips for driving in winter weather conditions.

* Buckle up 
* Slow down 
* Avoid sudden stops and turns 
* Increase following distance 
* Make sure vehicle windows and vehicle lights are cleared to ensure visibility 
* Keep plenty of fuel in the tank and carry an emergency kit 
* Use headlights 
* Keep at least 100 feet behind a truck plowing/salting the road  

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