Waldo residents dig out ambulance stuck in snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Let's call it "Miracle on 74th Street."

A group of families who live on 74th Street in Kansas City, Mo., came together to dig an ambulance out of snow and firefighters say they likely saved a man's life.

About 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, the group living in a Waldo neighborhood noticed an ambulance stuck in the winter snow, delaying precious minutes on their way to an ambulance call.

KCMO firefighters said the man on the street had had minor cardiac issues in the past and on Tuesday had trouble after shoveling snow.

However, the emergency response to him was slowed when the ambulance tires started spinning.

Neighbors one by one came out of their homes, shovels in hand, and dug a whole city block in a matter of minutes because they knew the clock was ticking.

"We went down there and started trying to dig out," said John Molloy, who helped dig the stuck ambulance out of the snow. "Ten or 12 people came out and everybody just started shoveling. It's a real testament to the whole city block of people in the neighborhood."

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