After 40 years in Westport, the last Gold's Gym in KC is closing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Members of Gold’s Gym in Westport tell 41 Action News the business is closing its doors after 40 years in the area.

Gym members have complained in the past about the gym having equipment and management issues.

“The last couple of years, the service has been pretty bad and really the upkeep on all of the equipment hasn't been maintained. A lot of old equipment they haven't been replacing,” said Carmen Johnson.

Johnson has been a member of the gym for 20 years.

“Last Monday I came in and that's when one of the staff members said they found out Saturday they were selling the place and they were basically in the final stages of working out the agreement to switch over. We still haven't heard anything,” said Johnson.

According to the Better Business Bureau, this practice is not uncommon.

“The old business can sell the old contract as long as the new company honors the terms of it,” said Aaron Reece with the Kansas City BBB.

Reece says unless the new company violates the terms of the contract that exchange is valid.

“A lot of new businesses allow you to get out of it because they want to make a good impression on the community and members so they try to work with you,” said Reece.

41 Action News has tried to get a response from Gold’s Gym multiple times by phone and in person, but no spokesperson on employee has responded.

“We do not plan to keep coming. This is probably our last week here. If they don’t give us any kind of information, we are going to get our payments stopped and we'll be looking for a new gym,” said Johnson.


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