The Crosstraining Club shares tips for keeping New Year's fitness resolutions

WESTWOOD, Kan. — If the great old NBC sitcom, Cheers, had been set in a gym it would be at The Crosstraining Club of Westwood!

Everybody really does know your name.

The Crosstraining Club is also known as The Tim and Jim Show.

Tim Buchanan and Jim Favrow played high school football together.

Then, Tim hit the field for K-State, while Jim went north to Iowa.

Today, they keep their clients motivated in small-class, personalized-attention sessions.

And, this time of the year, when your new year’s fitness resolutions seem such a faded memory, they are ready to get you back in the groove.

“Back in the groove,” also applies to their music choices. Over the course of the one hour circuit, you could be working out to mellow 80’s rock or the Andy Griffith theme song.

Tim and Jim have some good ideas when it comes to staying on track:

Build a support system to hold you accountable!

Set a specific and realistic goal!

Don’t say “I’ll work out two days a week.”  Say, “I will work out Monday and Wednesday!”  “Two days” aren’t on the calendar but Monday and Wednesday are.

This is not an inexpensive workout but it is successful.

While other gyms have come and gone, The Crosstraining Club has been helping people sweat their way to fitness for more than 22 years.

It really is a community, from the pennants on the walls to the golden rock that travels with members all over the world.

So, even if your name isn’t “NORM!” you may want to newly-resolve to give this gym a try.

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