MCC students get hands-on experience in mass shooting training drill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Students at Metropolitan Community College got real, hands-on experience during an active shooter drill Friday. 

First responders to the staged incident in a parking garage for students learning to become nurses, police officers and firefighters. 

"I don't know that you are every ready until you are in that situation and you just have to take control, but I think that I am prepared," said MCC student Chasity Kurtz. 

The scenario had live patients as well as simulator victims that needed treatment for common injuries sustained in shootings.

Officials with the school said the simulators respond in real time to the treatment rendered by the first responder students. 

"Unfortunately these type of incident happen, even though you don't want them to happen, but being prepared for these types of incidents is even more important for us," said Associate Dean of Student Development Terrell Tigner. 

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