Halloween light display turns heads in Independence

Posted at 10:35 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 23:35:46-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A homemade Halloween light display in Independence has plenty of neighbors, drivers, and families turning their heads.

Dallas Rose, who lives on the 3500 block of Crysler Avenue, said the decision to put up the elaborate decorations all started four years ago.

“We were disappointed that we didn’t get trick-or-treaters so it was kind of a way to draw people,” he said. “Each year, we try to add more and more to it.”



On Friday, Rose gave 41 Action News an inside look at his extravagant holiday show.

Pumpkins, tombstones, arches, and trees line his front yard with bundles of wires criss-crossing near his home.

On top of his roof, Rose added cardboard spiders as a new addition to his light show this year.

“We have to get up there and hang every one of them and run wires to every single one of them,” he explained. “We cut out the design, drill the holes and put the lights in.”

By sundown, a holiday light spectacle had overtaken the street. 

The lights, synced to songs like “Thriller” and “Du Hast,” attracted crowds of people and cars.



“It’s beautiful,” said Eugene Shores, who came to see the lights on Friday night with his wife and young son. “It’s a nice thing to come late at night with your kids and just see a beautiful spectacular site.”

Despite the bright show happening nearby, Rose said his neighbors told him they enjoyed the festivities.

“Until we did the show, we never got a single trick-or-treater,” he said. “Now they love handing out candy and they love that it brings people out here.”

While the show involves many different lights and wires, Rose also told 41 Action News that his electric bill doesn't spike in the fall.

“People usually ask me, 'What’s my electric bill and how does it go up during the display?'” he said. “It all runs off one outlet.”

With more crowds expected to come out, Rose hoped his display could show that the Halloween spirit is alive and well.

“The biggest paybacks are when we hear the kids across the street singing along to 'Ghostbusters' and when people come up and tell us how much they love it,” he said.

Rose told 41 Action News that he also planned on building a Christmas light display for the upcoming holiday season.