Man missing for 11 days, was supposed to visit kids in MO

Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-19 20:41:10-04

OLATHE, Kan. — Day 11, and no word from 27-year-old Joshua Bunn. 

"I don't know what to think. I just want him back," Bunn's mother Kelly Dunkeson said Monday. 

Bunn's family is frantic; Bunn was supposed to be home by now. 

He was driving from his home in Colorado City, Colorado to his mom's house in Centerville, Missouri to visit his kids. Dunkeson expected him by 8 p.m. on March 8, but he never made it there. 

Bunn was driving a dark green Dodge Journey with Missouri license plate number 8DV337. 

"Nothing seemed out of the ordinary unit he got to Topeka. Topeka is where he said he became very sick and his stomach was upset. He was going to go into Walmart to get medicine," Dunkeson said, reading her texts from him that night. That was around 7 p.m. 

Bunn texted his mom around 1:45 a.m., saying his head hurt.  Dunkeson told him to try and push through it, and she had medicine waiting for him. 

Hours went by, and around 7:30 a.m., Dunkeson was panicked. 

"Then he texted back one word: 'Driving.' And that was it," she explained.

After that, Dunkeson said her son stopped replying to calls and texts. His phone is dead. 

From Topeka, Bunn's cell phone last pinged on March 11 in Olathe near Santa Fe and Persimmon.

"There would've been no reason to be in that area. He doesn't know anyone in that area," Dunkeson said. 

Olathe police and the family have searched the area and found nothing. 

Sgt. Logan Bonney with Olathe police says they don't have enough information right now to determine whether Bunn is or is not in danger. 

Investigators are checking to see if his car tags show up at any other turnpikes, but so far, nothing. 

They say they are actively investigating, but have no other information. 

Dunkeson said Lenexa police have surveillance of his license plate going through an intersection at 95th and Monrovia the evening of March 11. The department did not respond to 41 Action News's specific questions regarding the surveillance before this story aired.

Bunn's family is convinced he wouldn't have gone off the grid on purpose, although he's dealt with depression in the past, because he was trying to see his children.

"His whole goal was to see them. So it just doesn't make any sense," Dunkeson cried.

Anyone with information on Joshua Bunn's whereabouts should call police immediately.