President Trump lifts ethanol ban, boost for farmers

Posted at 4:59 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 18:47:13-04

GARNETT, Kan. — President Trump recently lifted a year-round ban on ethanol, creating an avenue for more farmers to get involved in the fuel process.

Last year the east Kansas Agri-Energy Plant in Garnett, Kansas produced 17 million gallons of Ethanol.

Tuesday, President Trump lifted a year-round ban on the fuel.

"What E15 will do is increase the demand for ethanol, which increases the demand for corn, which helps every farmer whether you are close to a plant or not," said Bill Pracht, CEO of East Kansas Agri-Energy. 

Pracht said it will take a few years to see a real benefit and even if you are not a farmer, you should still care. 

"With the ethanol price being 75 cents a gallon less than gasoline it should be a cheaper price at the pump. They should also care because it makes your gasoline burn better, it is better for the environment and the air."

Those who are against ethanol production say it's not safe for your cars. 

"Putting a fuel into the marketplace that the vast majority of cars were not designed to use is not in the consumers best interest," said Kent Eckles, executive director of Kansas Petroleum Council. 

Eckles is not happy with the change by the president. He says all forms of energy have a place in the market but in his words, what the president did was picked winners and losers. 

"The government is getting in the middle of the marketplace and mandating that a certain fuel be produced and put out there so that is where we are coming from," Eckles said.