Special House Committee sues Greitens campaign, nonprofit over subpoenas

Special House Committee sues Greitens campaign, nonprofit over subpoenas
Posted at 4:01 PM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 19:45:17-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.UPDATE: On Thursday night, Governor Greitens' team handed over thousands of pages of documents to the Special House Committee.

According to a letter also given to the Committee, the documents are in connection to a subpoena issued to Greitens for Missouri.

The letter also states this handover includes 32,815 pages of documents.

Lawyers for Governor Greitens said in the letter, "We are diligently working to provide you [the Committee] the information you need to understand the facts presented in your inquiry."

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: The Special House Committee investigating Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is suing his campaign and another organization. 

The special committee wants a judge to enforce two subpoenas to the Greitens campaign and a nonprofit associated with him. 

The committee wants information from Greitens for Missouri and A New Missouri, Inc. A New Missouri was created after Greitens was elected.  

Catherine Hanaway, who used to be a rival candidate of Greitens, is the lawyer for both the campaign and nonprofit. She told the special committee that the information they want is not relevant to the committee’s job.

Legal counsel to the committee and former Missouri Supreme Court Justice "Chip" Robertson said both organizations have ties to Greitens. 

An excerpt from the lawsuit reads: 

"Unquestionably, there exists a reasonable basis for The Committee to investigate the relationship between Eric R. Greitens, Greitens for Missouri and A New Missouri, Inc. as part of its investigation of Eric R. Greitens.” 

The lawsuit comes one day before the Missouri Legislature begins a monthlong special session to allow the committee to continue its investigation into Greitens and consider impeaching him. 

Earlier this week, an invasion of privacy charge was dismissed against Greitens. He was accused of taking a nude photo of a woman he admitted to having an affair with. Greitens has repeatedly denied any allegations of blackmail or wrongdoing regarding his relationship with the woman. 

Greitens still faces a felony charge of computer data tampering. He's accused of using a donor list from a charity he founded, The Mission Continues, for political gain.