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KSHB 41 connects with students in Kansas City Public Schools

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Posted at 4:51 PM, Oct 29, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KSHB 41 is spreading positivity in the community and we’re doing it with a program called, KSHB 41 Positive Classroom Zoom Calls.

Our news reports form the experts agree that students mental health is suffering. So KSHB 41 decided to do something to help—we’re letting students know we care about them and want them to feel better, work hard and succeed in school.

We’re basically making a Zoom call to the classroom – and making new friends. KSHB 41 News Morning Anchor, Lindsay Shively, made our first KSHB 41 Positive Classroom Zoom call to Ms. Stailey’s 5th grade class at Faxon Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri.

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KSHB 41 News Today Anchor Lindsay Shively meets with Kansas City, Missouri, Public School students

“I loved meeting the students. They were so polite and they had lots of questions about my job. I wanted to get to know them too, so I asked 5 students to give me a positive word that describes their personality; and I got some great responses like – thoughtful, kind, helpful.”

During the calls, our KSHB 41 anchors and reporters encourage the students stay in school and work hard even when it’s difficult because what they’re learning will help them when they grow up.

KSHB 41 chose to start with KCPS Schools this school year because we’re starting in our neighborhood first.

KSHE 41 Weekend Anchor, Gabriella Pagán, made a KSHB 41 Positive Classroom Zoom call this week to Ms. Worsfold’s 3rdgrade class, also at Faxon Elementary.

“They completely made my day,” Pagán said.

Pagán did a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of the newsroom and the control room and then talked with the students about what they’re learning in school and what they do when a question is hard and they need help.

KSHB 41 News Anchor Gabriella Pagán meets with Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools students.

“I really praised them and told them that I’m so proud of them for asking for help when they need it,” Pagán explained.

The virtual conversation was necessary because of COVID 19 to keep everyone socially distanced and safe; but students were still able to stand near the screen and take a picture with their new KSHB 41 friends.

In the spring, Gabriella and Lindsay will revisit the same classrooms to say hello and check in on their newfound friends!