Deanna Munoz

CEO of Founder Latino Arts Foundation

Where were you born and raised?
Kansas City, Missouri.

What is your family heritage?

What is your occupation?
CEO Founder Latino Arts Foundation which consists of the Latino Arts Festival and art mentorship for aspiring artists. Founder Midwest Chicana Brand.

How have you supported or contributed to the local Hispanic/Latinx community?
Founding the Latino Arts Foundation we support our Latinx community by providing no cost art mentorship and supplies to our aspiring artists in our communities. We are in our 4th year of the Latino Arts Festival which provides a no cost opportunity for artists to promote, sell their work. It gives those who have not had the access or opportunities to finally have that chance to showcase their work and learn how to setup at a festival. LAF is opening the first Chicano art and cultural center of Kansas City via the Porter House KC Entrepenuer program which will be a space dedicated to Chicano art, history, culture as well as buidling a bridge to our KC Black community by partnering with Porter House KC to imagine and build this dream into reality. Midwest Chicana Brand is our for profit sector and provides hand made, custom created products hand produced by Deanna and her family. This will support the umbrella of Latino Arts Foundation.

How do you connect with your Hispanic/Latinx culture?
I connect with our Latinx culture by embracing and sharing our culture within all we do at LAF and beyond. We are built for our community of our community. Providing access and opportunities so that all our Latinx communities have the chance to live out their dreams.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My childhood favorite memory is traveling to Los Angeles with my family when I was younger. My family lives there and my mom working for TWA we had the opportunity to fly. I love the West Coast and the feeling it brings to me...being around so many who are like me. Always inspired.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?
Hispanic Heritage month gives us a chance to celebrate who we are and to show all those around us why our culture is beautiful, strong and vibrant. I love the showcases that happen, the celebrations and having a child born on Mexico Independence Day always made that day even more special to us.

In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing the Hispanic/Latinx community?
The most important issue facing the Latinx community is the administration in office right now whom is causing so much hurt, pain. From DACA to Immigration rights, change needs to happen. Voting is the utmost important thing we can all do! WE must stand together and ensure our communities are safe, feel safe and always welcome.

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