Journalism Career Program at KSHB 41 News - Kansas City

Scripps Journalism Career Program (JCP)

What are the goals of The E.W. Scripps Company in association with this program? Our hope is to offer new graduates from quality Journalism programs experience and training to jump-start their career. Ultimately, we wish to build a pipeline of talent for specifically identified critical journalism positions at Scripps so that we have ready-to-relocate talent before openings occur.

How many positions are available? We have openings for MMJs and Producers at KSHB 41, the NBC affiliate station in Kansas City, Missouri. We recruit new graduates at one year intervals and also have limited spots for those entering their senior year to have a position in the program upon graduation.

How long is the program? Journalism Career Program Participants are offered a one-year contract where they will spend their first year in Kansas City. At the end of the first year, our hope is that the participants transition to a mutually agreeable second Scripps location, or we may choose not to offer them a position and the contract will end.

Is relocation required? We are hiring for 24 month assignments. JCP participants will relocate to Kansas City for year one. It is our expectation that JCP participants will relocate to another station after their initial 12 months. We wish to hire new graduates who will establish their journalism career at The E.W. Scripps Company and will develop their talent at a number of different Scripps locations. A willingness to relocate to any of our locations is an important qualification for the program. We currently have stations as indicated here:

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What training will be provided? The manager and JCP Participant sit down together to assess learning needs and develop a learning plan. Many co-workers are involved in the training; however, the manager and the JCP participant are jointly responsible for the execution of the learning plan. The participant and their manager will agree upon a regular schedule of meetings to check progress and make adjustments.

How will performance be evaluated? Performance will be discussed routinely at regular meetings with the manager. JCP Participants receive informal performance feedback regularly and formal feedback during quarterly check-ins.

How is housing handled? Scripps provides housing for the 12-month program period. Participants will share a furnished unit, paid for by The E.W. Scripps Company. In exchange for the housing, the JCP Program participants will sign an agreement expressing their responsibilities as an occupant. Housing paid for by the Company is considered compensation under US tax law. We will provide a special bonus to offset the taxes incurred from the housing.

What Compensation and Benefits are offered?

  • Salaries for the JCP positions are competitive and will be shared in offer letters to those selected.
  • The positions are non-exempt positions (overtime eligible). All overtime must be approved in advance by managers.
  • As employees, JCP Participants are eligible to take advantage of health benefits from Scripps and would also be eligible for participation in the 401k savings plan. Our health benefits include health insurance and pharmacy coverage, dental and vision plans and life insurance. Employer-provided healthcare coverage does require some employee contribution for the elected benefits. Programs and costs will be outlined in a benefits information sheet accompanying offer letters.
  • JCP Participants receive prorated paid time off (PTO).
  • A relocation allowance to enable JCP Participants to move a small amount of belongings and to fly/drive to Kansas City may be provided and will be outlined in offer letters.
  • Upon, acceptance and relocation to a second Scripps location, JCP participants enjoy a second location signing bonus, less applicable taxes and withholding.

Where can I learn more about The E.W. Scripps Company? Our web site is a good starting place. We also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Become familiar with what our employees are saying about working with Scripps.

How can I apply? Please email your resume and reel to Matthew Waggoner, KSHB 41 News Director, at