Step by step instructions to cutting a mango

Did you know that mangos are the world's most popular fruit?  One cup offers 100 percent of daily Vitamin C, which is huge during cold and flu season. But nearly half of Americans admit say they don't know how to cut a fresh, whole mango. What are we to do? To show America how easy and fun fresh mangos can be, the National Mango Board invites America to undress a mango this Valentine’s Day. Get flirty with your mango and strip away those very real, mango cutting fears!

Follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1 - On a cutting board, position the mango so the stem is on top
  • Step 2 - Cut vertically 1/4 inch away from the midline of the mango (remember, there’s a big seed in the middle so give yourself some space!)
  • Step 3 – Now make the same cut on the other side
  • Step 4 - Cut the flesh in a grid like pattern without going through the skin
  • Use a large spoon to detach the flesh from the skin and scoop out the cubes (or turn it inside out!)



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