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How to get healthy meals delivered to your door

Posted at 11:38 AM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 14:42:12-05

Healthy Meals Inc. is a paid advertiser of Kansas City Live and is responsible for this content.

Did you know the average person gains 6 pounds over the holidays?!
Christmas parties, happy hours, tempting treats in the break-room…it adds up quick. Buttaking those extra pounds off after the holidays, is a whole lot easier than you think!

Healthy Meals, Inc. is a locally owned and operated healthy meal delivery company that takes all the guess work out of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what makes Healthy Meals, Inc. different from other meal delivery services:

  • Healthy Meals, Inc. customizes your diet regimen and prepares all of your portion-controlled meals fresh. Here’s the kicker…they deliver your meals right to your door DAILY. This all starts right here in their Kansas City kitchen every day; they use fresh ingredients, (locally sourced if they are able), including lean proteins, fruits, and veggies; contrast that to other companies which sell frozen or pre-packaged meals in bulk.
  • All the meals are fully prepared. A lot of meal delivery companies on the market right now provide you with the ingredients you need to cook a healthy meal, but you still have to do the cooking, AND the cleaning up after. Healthy Meals, Inc. delivers its meals to your doorstep in a custom cooler, by 6am. When you’re ready to eat, just throw it in the microwave, and you’re good to go.
  • The meals are fully customizable. If you have an allergy, like peanuts, or gluten, Healthy Meals, Inc. will prepare your meals accordingly. If you don’t like a certain food, you can make that request as well. Or, if you have a health condition, like diabetes or high cholesterol, those variables are accommodated too!

The meals are designed to meet your weight loss and/or lifestyle goals. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, Healthy Meals, Inc. will calculate your caloric needs based on your height, weight, and other stats, and portion your meals to help you achieve your goal.

Viewers of KC LIVE get an exclusive discount on the service when they sign up for a plan before January 1st. By signing up today, you lock in the discount prices, but you may opt to start your plan after the holidays! Follow this link to take advantage of this special offer: HealthyMealsInc.com

Healthy Meals Inc. is a paid advertiser of Kansas City Live and is responsible for this content.