RECIPE: Chocolate Mousse

Posted at 11:32 AM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 12:32:04-05

Pastry Chef Extraordinaire, Carter Holton of Le Fou Frog shares the secret to whipping up chocolate mousse. Perfect for Valentine's Day dessert. 

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Chocolate Mousse Domes - Mousse au Chocolate

8 oz. Dark chocolate
2 oz. Sugar
6 oz. Cream
12 of butter
Bring to a boil in a Sauce Pan
Pour Hot cream mixture over the dark chocolate
Allow to stand for one minute
Whisk together until smooth
2 cups heavy cream – Whipped to soft peaks

Fold the chocolate mixture into the heavy cream that is whipped.
Pipe into silicone molds and freeze overnight.
Pop out and place on a rack.

Glaze for Domes
4 oz. Butter – Melted
6 oz. Chocolate – Melted
Combine two warm mixtures together and pour over the frozen domes on the rack.