Fahteema Parrish

President & Founder of Parrish & Sons Construction

Where were you born and raised?
Kansas City, MO.

What is your occupation?
President & Founder of Parrish & Sons Construction.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Helping my dad with his HVAC services, carrying the drop light or learning how to trouble shoot the root cause of a defect.

What does Black History Month mean to you?
Black history month means so much to me as it is a time to focus on celebrate the phenomenal accomplishments of many individuals of whom I am a descendant of that laid the foundation for me to have the civil liberties of today. The celebration extends to more than just a month for me as I strive every single day to make a positive impact on history for each individual that I come in contact with starting at home with my children to the interns and senior citizens that volunteer services for.

What do you believe is the most important issue currently facing the Black community?
The most important issue currently facing the Black community is civil rights. The journey of equality continues to this day as the ebb's and flows of society sway the actions of many in the areas of housing market, education, financing, mental & physical health. Injustice continues as does the work we have to do as a society in whole regardless of race, social economic status or gender. We have to focus on doing better together no matter what. Love conquers all, it is the greatest force in the universe. Love is the force that gives healing and life, binds souls together, and whispers to us that all will be well.

When did you realize you were Black in America and what has that meant for your life?
I realized I was black in America as a child noticing the differences.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration to push for change?
Youth across the nation are my biggest inspiration for change. The civil rights movement continues as racisms still exists and the only way to truly conquer inequalities it is to spread love for all mankind no matter what.

How have you supported or contributed to the local Black community?
I support or contribute to my local community by educating, mentoring, providing internships, jobs, career pathing/planning, along with rendering services from other Black owned businesses on a regular basis.


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