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Kentucky school employees win $1M lottery prize

The group of retired and active teachers, counselors and administrators has been playing the lottery together for years.
Kentucky school employees win $1M lottery prize
Posted at 9:52 AM, Feb 05, 2024

A group of 30 educators in Kentucky has been pooling together for years to play the lottery. It finally paid off. 

The group, who call themselves the “Jones 30” since they met while working at Rector A. Jones Middle School in Florence, Kentucky, won a $1 million prize in the Kentucky Lottery’s Powerball drawing on Jan. 27. 

A few days later, they all went to collect their prize with the winning ticket safely tucked in a math textbook. The group’s organizer told lottery officials she kept it there because “no one looks in a math book.”

Each member of the Jones 30 received a $24,000 check, split up by the lottery after taxes. 

Their winning ticket was bought at a Kroger store in Hebron, Kentucky. Some plan to use the money for investments, while others told lottery officials they will use it for house repairs. 

It’s taken the group eight years to cash in their efforts. They told lottery officials they chose a unique set of Powerball numbers to play in 2019, and have stuck to that set ever since. 

The group is made up of both retired and active teachers, counselors, administrators and even a school nurse. And they all plan to keep playing together. 

“A lot of us have gone on trips together, we’ve had babies and grandbabies over the years,” one winner shared. “We always have so much fun. It’s just cool to win as a group and share this experience.”

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