Angie's List: Saving on your next rental car

Plan now to save on your next vacation
Posted at 12:24 PM, Mar 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-29 12:27:18-04

Renting a car is a convenient option for many families, but it’s often an afterthought. Doing some legwork before you arrive at our vacation destination can really pay off, and help save you money.

“If your plans are pretty definite prepaying is a really good option,” said Jeff Neiman of Hertz Corporation. “You can save up to 20 percent if you pre-pay. Now, there could be a fee if you cancel so that’s got to be a pretty firm plan.”

“When renting a car, shop around,” said Angie’s List Angie Hicks. “A lot of times people are picking up cars at the airport when they fly into their destination, but you may find it may be worth a cab ride to an off-site location because they might have lower fees.”

One common mistake consumers make when renting a car – not reading their rental agreement before they sign.

“Many times people rent cars over their vacation, but they last thing they want to do is read the details of the agreement on their way to having some fun, but it’s important. You need to understand what you’re responsible for with that car, what happens if it breaks down, what happens if you get into an accident? Know exactly what your obligations are.”

“Treat it like it’s your own,” said Neiman. “What would you do if you got into an accident in your car? You’d report it to the authorities. You would come back and let the rental car company know and fill out an accident report and go from there.”

Don’t buy unnecessary insurance if you don’t need it. Rental car insurance can cost as much as $40 a day, and you may already be covered by your existing auto insurance policy or credit card. So determine your existing coverage before you buy more.