Toys-R-Us Bankruptcy: What's next

Posted at 4:00 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 17:00:03-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – If this is what growing up is like, then maybe we shouldn’t have grown up.

Consumers learning about the Toys-R-Us announcement this week the long-time kids toy and clothing retailer plans to close all of its stores have several questions about what’s next for the company.

A company spokesperson told 41 Action News that the exact date for the closure of Kansas City area’s Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us stores has not been set.

The company said it was in the process of setting up liquidation sales for its KC-area stores.

Toys-R-Us also maintained a distribution center in Lee’s Summit. A spokeswoman confirmed the distribution center will also close, but did not have a timeline on when it would close.

For those holding gift-cards, the company told USA Today that it will honor gift cards for the next 30 days, but if you have one, it’s probably best to use it sooner than later.

Nationwide, the company will close more than 730 stores and lay off 33,000 people.