Construction to limit Kansas City Municipal Court hearings, operations

Posted at 5:31 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 05:07:22-04

The Kansas City Municipal Court will limit court hearings and payment operations from May 25-26 due to construction-related power outages in parts of the building.

Municipal Court Administrator, Megan Pfannenstiel said most cases will be rescheduled.

To minimize the inconvenience, this part of the construction project was scheduled during the annual Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association conference.

"We are fortunate enough that we will only have two of the nine judges scheduled in court, so that will limit the operations of the courthouse already, so it was a good time to take this opportunity to make these upgrades," Pfannenstiel said.

The construction project will restore and modernize the aging courthouse which was built in 1973, but had few significant upgrades since.

Plans include a more open lobby, improved security stations, energy efficiency upgrades and a larger space for Housing and Animal Court.

The construction is funded by a court fee dedicated to the restoration, renovation and maintenance of the building.

The courthouse will close at noon May 26. 

Municipal Court will also be closed for Memorial Day.

If you have cases pending, here’s what you need to know: 

  • Court hearings: On May 25 and 26, the court will only hold scheduled hearings and video arraignment hearings for people arrested within the previous 24 hours.  There will be no walk-in dockets.
  • Payments and case information: The Violations Bureau and customer service windows on the first floor will be closed. Payment operations will move to a temporary location on the second floor to be primarily used for those with court hearings on May 25 and 26. 
  • Everyone else is urged to get case information, request first time continuances or make credit or debit card payments online at or