Stolen truck being used to commit crimes, construction company owner says

Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 12:18:23-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mark One Electric company reported a work vehicle stolen on Thursday. Over the weekend a man driving the stolen truck was seen stealing materials and tools from several construction sites around Kansas City.

The man was caught on surveillance video at multiple work sites.

“This person is not an electrician, not an employee of Mark One. He has stolen our truck and right now he is going around to local neighborhoods and using it to steal materials,” said Dave Ezell, the Director of Safety and Risk Management for Mark One Electric.

The contractor at a project on West 55th called Mark One to report the man for stealing tool batteries.

“So, he’s pretending to be a Mark One employee, pulling up to a job site to deliver material etc., etc.,” said Ezell.

The stolen truck was also caught on a neighbor’s security camera pulling up next to a construction site at 37th and Genessee.

The video shows a man getting out of the truck and loading several ladders into the flatbed.

“He took his time, pulled in just like he was supposed to be here, pulled into the grass and just took his time loading up our ladders,” said Matt Holloway, owner of Schelp Construction Companies.

Holloway said the thief took $1,000 worth of equipment, despite being seen by neighbors.

“I think people around here just assumed he was supposed to be here. He had a truck with an electric company name on the side of it,” said Holloway.

“He’s in a contractor vehicle so who would come up and question him?” said Ezell.

The stolen truck was also spotted at a work site at 30th and Troost where several expensive hand tools have gone missing.

“We get hit twice," Ezell said. "We lose a tool and we have to replace it. That’s for any contractor.”

Theft victims have contacted police, but don’t expect to get their stolen items back.

“It’d be nice if we could recover them, but I think that pretty unlikely,” said Holloway, “What I’d like is to catch this guy and keep him from doing this again.”

Ezell said he expects the stolen items to show up at local pawn shops.

The stolen truck is a Ford F-150 with number 0611 on the side. If you see it contact police.