Man charged with shooting at KCPD officers

Posted at 5:04 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 18:38:53-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — ​​​​​​An Osawatomie man has been charged with multiple felony counts for allegedly firing a rifle at KCPD officers near 53rd and Indiana in Kansas City, Missouri, Monday. 

Christopher Foster, 25, is charged with five counts of first-degree assault and five counts of armed criminal action. 

On Feb. 5, Kansas City officers were sent to 53rd and Indiana on a call of an armed disturbed person. The suspect was described as a man in or near a black pick-up truck, according to court documents. 

When officers arrived, they saw a man later identified as Foster at the side of a black pick-up truck. Foster was standing up then bending and reaching into the truck, and officers couldn’t see both of his hands at the same time. Court documents say because of the nature of the call, the initial three responding officers had their weapons out and and took cover south of Foster while yelling commands at him to show his hands. According to court documents, he didn’t comply, and at one point Foster held a “long gun” up in one hand and then put it to his shoulder as if he was going to fire at the officers. At that point, one of the officers fired his patrol rifle at Foster. Court documents say Foster then fired several rounds in the direction of the officers. While they stayed under cover waiting for assisting officers, Foster again fired several rounds, court documents say. 

When assisting officers were at the scene, a KCPD tactical unit drove an armored vehicle to Foster’s truck. He exited the truck and surrendered. 

Court documents say officers said in statements that they heard and felt what they believed to be bullets “whizzing” by their heads. 

Foster agreed to speak with detectives and admitted to taking speed on the day prior. He said he had guns with him so he could pawn them. Foster said he was in the area of 53rd and Indiana because he ran out of gas. 

According to court documents, Foster repeatedly said he didn’t remember shooting at officers. He remembered being in the backseat of the truck and holding one of the rifles, and then remembered being arrested. 

Prosecutors requested a $200,000 bond.