A-Flat Orchestra: One man's mission to build an orchestra for urban youth

Posted at 2:29 PM, Feb 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 19:35:48-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Darryl Chamberlain is always looking for classical instruments.

"As you can see we've got marimba, a timpani," Chamberlain said. "We've got 15 cellos, 15 violins, horns, trombones."

Chamberlain's efforts have received the national spotlight, but now he is taking it to another level.

The A-Flat Orchestra is going to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

"This might be the first time a string orchestra has participated in a parade," Chamberlain said.  

His efforts to teach music are having a big impact on students.

"I see all these kids coming in from the community and we are actually creating something really big that might go somewhere someday," said Micah Quinn, a young teen who plays the violin.  

"I've been learning stuff I have never learned before," said Xavion Smith, who plays the cello. "Music is basically math and it has helped me with fractions and stuff."

Chamberlain is making a difference, but setting his sights even higher. 

He has the instruments, now he wants more students to teach.

Chamberlain has about 15 children that are part of the A-Flat Orchestra.

He is hoping that other students will see the orchestra and want to learn music.

"What we really hope to see is people really get excited about this, cause this is something new to Kansas City for what we are doing at this level," Chamberlain said.  

If you would like to help Chamberlain in his effort to bring music and instruments to urban youth, you can visit his website for more information.