Get your heart checked out for Valentine's Day

Posted at 8:32 AM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 10:28:19-05

Yes, this is the month for sweethearts, but it is also the month for Healthy Hearts.

February is American Heart Month and, at St. Luke’s South, they are doing everything they can to keep our tickers ticking.

Heart disease does not discriminate. Everyone is a potential victim.

For example, more women die from heart-related episodes than die from all forms of cancer combined.

So, if you’ve had a heart issue, how do you bounce back?

And, perhaps more importantly, how can we avoid the problem to begin with?

That’s where Brooke Wignall, St. Luke’s South Exercise Specialist, comes in.

At St. Luke’s amazing rehab facility, Brooke sees people of all ages and genders. Some are recovering from surgery; others are staying a step ahead of that possibility.

It comes down to the basics: Eating right and being active.

And it does not have to be complicated. Take a walk. Do light free weights. Those are just two readily available, at-home options.

So, just maybe, the best Valentine you can give your loved ones is to get your heart checked out. Find out what your numbers are, like blood pressure and cholesterol.

And, live a lifestyle that will mean many more happy, healthy Valentine’s Days down the road.