Johnson County Meals on Wheels makes special holiday deliveries

Posted at 8:07 AM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 09:07:17-05

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. – Five days a week, all year long, Johnson County Meals on Wheels reaches out to hundreds of folks all over the county with good food and a few minutes of good company.

Wednesday, Dec. 20, will be a little different.

For nearly 200 older recipients, there will also be a bit of the holiday season delivered at the same time. Denim stockings filled with goodies will be part of the drop-off.

Each year, the good people at Lee Jeans create the stockings and collect the contents, which is very usable stuff!

From lip balm to scarves to notebooks to pill cases and so much more – things that won’t gather dust are carried in with the delicious, nutritious meals.

Usually, some 50 volunteers a day make their way through the streets and roads of Johnson County.

But, Wednesday, with the extra cargo, they will be joined by police officers, firefighters, county officials and others, all willing to act as Santa’s Elves for a day.

According to Nancy Tanquary, who has been overseeing this project with Meals on Wheels for 13 holiday seasons, this program helps people stay in their homes and live fuller lives.