Kansas City law firm hosts forum to guide companies through tariff talks

Posted at 12:48 PM, Apr 10, 2018

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As the United States and China continue to change - or threaten to change - trade taxes, Nithya Nagarajan tries to stay one step ahead.

The international trade attorney works at Husch Blackwell’s Washington D.C. office, but was at the Kansas City location Tuesday to co-host a presentation for clients about the ever-changing trade landscape. 

“I think this is the first time in 25 years where I've been doing this, where every day there is a new change. You had predictability, you had consistency over the years. But now, each and every day, there is a new piece of information,” Nagarajan said. 

President Donald Trump raised tariffs on aluminum and steel imports last month. China responded by raising tariffs on U.S. produce and other items. Both countries have talked about additional tariff changes. Nagarajan said that back and forth has an impact on businesses in Kansas City and on wallets of the everyday U.S. consumer.

“Almost everything we touch has some sort of a global trade supply chain element that is going to be affected by this,” she warned. “And that is an important dollar effect on everybody's pocket.”

Nagarajan and her co-host, Beau Jackson, agreed the best thing they and their clients can do is keep a close eye on all talk and action.