Lenexa bar owner says he's received threats over Chiefs-Steelers game

It's the only official Steelers bar in the metro
Posted at 5:17 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 18:27:01-05

Callahan’s in Lenexa, Kansas is the only official Steelers Fan Club in the metro. 

On Sunday the Steelers broadcast team will set up shop there to talk playoffs and pigskin. But there’s a catch. 

“If you’re a non-Kansas City Steelers Fan Club Member you’re asked to pay a $5 donation to come in and watch the game,” Jeff Brown explained.

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He’s the owner of Callahan’s and a lifelong Chiefs fan who isn’t necessarily fond of the idea. Brown said the door money doesn’t go to his bar. It will be donated to charity on behalf of the Steelers Fan Club. 

“In the past, they’ve donated to Wounded Warriors," Brown said. 

Playing host to the Steelers isn’t sitting well with some in Chiefs Kingdom.

Brown said his bar has received a lot of harsh, derogatory comments from as far away as the UK. He said the bar has also received threats to boycott it, vandalize it, and burn it to the ground. The once highly-reviewed bar has also received dozens of 1-Star ratings on Facebook. 

“We’ve had over 40, 1-Star reviews from people who’ve never been here,” Brown said.

He calls it one big misunderstanding, and although he’s pulling for the Chiefs, his bar is inclusive of all football fans. 

As a business owner, Brown said it makes sense, even if it is the enemy. 

“We welcome fans from all. Doesn’t matter if they’re from Kansas City or out of town," he said. "We welcome anybody here. As a business owner, who wouldn’t?”



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