Olathe police investigating several car break-ins at Olathe gyms

Posted at 5:05 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 18:05:55-05

Olathe Police are asking gym goers to be on the lookout, as thieves are now targeting fitness centers.

“It's a little bit unnerving, it's not surprising, though,” Olathe resident, Kathleen Puls said. “I check the Olathe Police Department's website every now and then and noticed that there has been a lot of car break-ins.”

Olathe police tweeted out a message to residents of several reports of car break-ins happening at gyms.

“No one likes to come in out of a gym and have their window broken and their things,” Sgt. Logan Bonney with Olathe Police said. “It's a horrible feeling. So we wanted to send a message out through social media and television.”

The police department is urging gym goers to try and leave valuables at home if possible.

“I don't bring a lot of valuables with me to the gym and everything I bring in goes with me to the locker room and it's locked up,” Puls said.

“I'm not the greatest person on doing that,” Olathe resident, Stephanie Wright said. “I keep my key in my pocket, so they can't get in, and I put my purse under my seat. Hopefully, nothing happens.”

Olathe police say most of the reported break-ins occurred in the early mornings, but are advising people this could happen anywhere at any time.

“The shopping malls, the shopping centers, the parks, so we wanted to get ahead of this and make sure that we can reduce those crime victims and keep our communities as safe as possible,” Sgt. Lonney said.

The Olathe Police Department did share some automobile burglary prevention tips:

  • Always lock your doors, even if you plan to be away from your vehicle for only a minute such as running in to pay for gas. 
  • Park in well-lit areas. 
  • When shopping, always make sure to place purchases in the trunk and out of sight before going to the next shopping area to park. 
  • If you are going to the gym, do not leave anything in plain sight. The best place to leave valuables is locked in a locker while you work out. If that is not an option, lock everything in the trunk. Do not leave anything in plain sight while you work out.
  • Try to maintain a “clutter free” vehicle. 

For more tips, click here.



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