On slick roads, tow truck operators ask passing drivers to move over, slow down

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — As rain turns to ice and roads across Kansas City become slick, tow truck operators ask drivers to give them space as they respond to crashes.

Early Thursday, AAA’s Kansas City office and Overland Tow Service both said the number of calls were down compared to what they expected. They think with school canceled, and plenty of warning about the weather, people decided not to drive.

But as the temperatures drop and roads continue to freeze, Joe Meyer at Overland expected the number of car crashes to increase; particularly with the afternoon commute.

He urged stranded motorists to be patient. He said tow trucks are stretched thin and may be behind schedule but will get to you eventually. 

“People think all tow trucks are invincible. They are not. They are sometimes harder to get around in than a car,” Meyer explained. 

He said ice is worse than snow but there is one positive about the timing of the storm hitting during daylight hours. 

“At least you can see everything. At night, it is, in our business, a lot more dangerous,” Meyer said. 

Again, Meyer stressed passing motorists move over and slow down when they go by a tow truck on the side of the road.

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