Gov. Greitens makes stop in Parkville, some Missouri lawmakers call for impeachment

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are calling on Governor Eric Greitens to resign or begin the process of impeachment.

Governor Greitens spoke at a private event in Parkville on Saturday.

Tom Hutsler, who helped organize the event, says there was a lot of support for the Governor from the crowd at the GOP fundraiser.

Hutsler says that Greitens’ speech focused on issues facing Missouri.

“Bringing the Governor to downtown Parkville is great for Parkville and great for the community,” said Hutsler.

The appearance is one of the first for Governor Greitens after a report was released earlier this week containing detailed testimony from a woman claiming he threatened her during unwanted sexual encounters.

Greitens denies the allegations.

“The Governor has continued on a business-as-usual course of action and this is nothing close to business as usual,” said Democrat Minority Leader Gail Beatty.

Lawmakers from both parties are speaking out. Many calling for the governor’s resignation or to start the impeachment process.

“We are moving forward legislatively but to the extent that he has much impact at this point his engagement with the legislature is not strong and his relationship with the legislature is not good,” said State Representative Republican Kevin Corlew.

House Democrats also released a statement that impeachment and the budget will be the only agenda items for the remainder of this session.

“Ask yourself the question, should you be sending legislation to this Governor give the situation,” said Representative Beatty.

Beatty also voiced concerns that if legislation were to be sent to the Governor, he could sway legislators to support him in order to get him to sign their legislation.

“We don’t believe that we need to give this governor the chance to do that,” said Beatty.

Hutsler says he thinks its too soon to make any moves.

“I’d like to see all the facts and see the thing go to court, let the judge and jury decide that’s the most important thing," he said. 

The committee will be meeting on Tuesday next week to discuss the next steps in the investigation.

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