Teacher's classroom wish list fulfilled with help from actress Kristen Bell

Posted at 4:56 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 17:56:48-04

CLINTON, Mo. — A few months into the school year, many parents have been able to check everything off of their kids back-to-school list. Many teachers, unfortunately, are still trying to stock their classrooms. 

Bethany Pierce is from Alabama but moved to Missouri to teach sixth grade English at Clinton Middle School. 

"It's going really well, I really love my kids," said Pierce. 

As of Thursday, Pierce has received more than 100 packages from Amazon and she's thanking actress Kristen Bell.

On Instagram, Bell shared Pierce's photo with her 7.8 million followers for the "10 Featured Teachers" movement. Pierce thought she'd have a one in a million chance at winning, until Saturday when Bell sent her a direct message on Instagram. 


Our next #10featuredteachers Round 2 is Bethanny! “Hello Insta! I’m a 6th grade English teacher in a small town in Central Missouri. I have the immense pleasure of teaching the most amazing students. Many come to school to learn in my district, but most come to school to be loved by our teachers. I love my job because it allows me to be a positive role model to our students and show them that with hard work, they are capable of rising above! I am inspired by my students every single day and am thankful they keep me up to date on the latest dance moves. My students LOVE reading, which makes me so happy. I read aloud to them every single day because I believe in the power of reading! On my Amazon wishlist, I have lots of books and supplies that will help make learning fun and accessible for my students!Thank you, donors, for supporting America’s teachers. It is incredible ❤️ 😊” Her wishlist will be in my bio all day! Let’s help her kiddos out 😘🍎📚💯

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"She said, "Hey, I'm going to put you up and you need to add a lot more stuff to your wish list and so I was like, okay,"" said Pierce. 

For 24 hours, Pierce's photo was featured on Bell's Instagram Page, along with her Amazon Wish List for her classroom. People all over the world saw the post and began buying and sending items from the list. 

"For teachers who need supplies for their own classrooms, to be spending their own personal money on mine, I was just blown away," said Pierce. 

As of Thursday, Pierce had opened nearly $4,000 worth of new classroom supplies. Now, she's hoping other celebrities will join the movement, helping more teachers stock up their classrooms. 

To help other deserving teachers get the supplies they need, you can follow Kristen Bell on Instagram at @kristenanniebell and click the link in her bio for the latest Amazon Wish List