Community members, fellow officers gather to remember Officer Morton

Visitation held for Officer Morton
Posted at 8:55 PM, Mar 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-12 11:48:39-04

CLINTON, Mo. -- Friends, fellow law enforcement officers and complete strangers stopped by to recognize Officer Ryan Morton for his service and sacrifice.

"This is our community. He works for us. Every time he goes out he takes a chance that he might get hurt and we should respect that. It makes me mad that he's working for us and he takes a chance and he gets shot. All his life is now gone," said Darlene Dice, who lives in Clinton.

"He does the same job we all suit up to do every day and we go out there for the public and sometimes bad things happen," said Officer Jackie Zickel, with Overland Park Police.

Officer Morton was shot and killed on duty Tuesday night. The tragedy is all too familiar for the people of Clinton. The community said goodbye to Officer Gary Michael last summer when he too was shot and killed.

"We've lost one of our officers. The whole town was upset. It's just too soon for us to have to go through this again," said Dice.

"It's just not supposed to happen," said Bill Harrison, who is from Clinton.

Morton was 30 years old. He served two deployments with the Army National Guard before serving as an Officer in Clinton.

Many who came to the visitation didn't know Morton personally, but they say that doesn't matter.

“Your personal things are put aside and you do what you gotta do to come show respect, this town has respect," said Harrison.

"It's about showing support for the family, showing support for the officer and the community," said Zickel.

The funeral for Officer Morton will be held at the Benson Center on Monday at 11 a.m.