Edgerton to remove iconic half car despite some calling it a landmark

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 00:12:38-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — City Council voted on Thursday that the Edgerton half car must move from its current site since it violates city code.

The half car, which was put at its current site by a former mayor and service station owner, dates back almost 30 years.

Some residents refer to it as a local landmark and say it has a special place in Edgerton history.

However, others say it’s an eyesore.

The car was cut in half before moving to its spot on U.S. 56 and has greeted visitors coming into town.

Many have grown to love the messages put on the front door of the car, including the current “Divorced. She got 1/2” sign.

Some supporters tell stories of people taking pictures near the car and seeing it in local parades.



On Thursday, city council members described the half car as a “junk motor vehicle nuisance” and said it violated city code.

However, plenty of supporters showed up to the meeting to voice their concerns about moving what they called a local landmark.

“When I grow up and have kids and come back, I want to show them the half car and go, ‘This has been here for my life and made me laugh,’” explained a young girl who spoke during the public comments segment.

Several people said there was no need to move the half car from its current site.

“The owner of the vehicle keeps it mowed and it’s not trashy around it,” explained one resident. “I think it’s very entertaining.”’

Support for the half car was also seen in other ways on Thursday. 

An online petition calling to preserve the half car garnered over 2,000 signatures as of Thursday night.

The creator of the petition spoke at the meeting and said the amount of signers showed the significance of the half car.

“The supporters in Edgerton who signed the petition that says, ‘I want this car to stay and be a memorial or monument,’ outnumber the people that voted for the two major candidates for mayor,” the woman said.

A group of residents also brought homemade signs to the meeting in support of the half car.

Despite the support, City Council voted unanimously that the half car violates city code.

Under the terms of the decision, the car must be moved indoors by May 7th.

Following the meeting, the owner of the property told 41 Action News that he hoped to make the half car a part of a monument in Edgerton.

“I didn’t realize the heritage I was buying into with the property,” property owner Danny O’Neal explained. “There’s something thats going to happen in the future. We’re going to see and keep our fingers crossed.”