'Geek Week' camp going on in Leawood

Posted at 2:13 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 18:14:19-04

At a one of a kind camp in Leawood, the campers turn the word geek, into something cool.

Welcome to Geek Week at Centriq Training.

"Typically summer camp you think of hiking and camp fires and telling ghost stories," said Sara Lamb, Centriq Training marketing manager. "A little more traditional things."

Instead, these kids are punching the keyboard and writing code, with the goal of building a website by camp's end.

"Geek Week has been a fun adventure for me even though I have done modding and coding before," said seventh-grader Thomas Muirhead.

For the first time, the Leawood tech school opened its doors to these middle schoolers who could fill the IT jobs of tomorrow.

"We hear from all the companies that we do training for that there's a major lack of it professionals in the area to fill the jobs that they have," said Lamb.

They're IT pros that at this age some might call geeks, but around here, that's a compliment.

"I guess," said eighth-grader Aaryan Phadnis. "It means your smart."

 At this one-of-a-kind camp, they're geeks and proud of it.


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