Neighbors say goose kill happened in their community with no warning

Neighbors say goose kill happened w/ no warning
Neighbors say goose kill happened w/ no warning
Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 18:00:14-04
A goose kill got underway in Weatherby Lake on Thursday morning and it has neighbors wanting answers.
Neighbors tell 41 Action news they had no idea the kill was happening and they wished the Weatherby Lake Improvement Company would've notified neighbors and trained them about other ways to clear the geese instead of killing the.  
The Weatherby Lake Improvement Company would not go on camera but released the following statement:
As background, Weatherby Lake is a private Lake which is managed by the Weatherby Lake Improvement Co. A key part of its mission is to protect the quality of life at the Lake for our Community. It is mostly a volunteer-based organization, managed by the Members, for the Members.
When the local goose population becomes too abundant and it causes sanitary, ecological and health hazards (including e-coli at the swim beach).  For our Community, we consult with the MO Department of Conservation for their assistance.  We endeavor to keep our goose population at a level that is safe for our community. A large population can be especially dangerous for children and pets.
The WLIC works very hard to keep its local goose population at a safe level every year by using a variety of methods. As the population grows, every 10 or so years we have had to mitigate. To do so, we obtain a permit from the MO Department of Conservation, and use the services of a wildlife contractor.  The whole process is monitored and approved by the MO Department of Conservation. It is a very humane process and the adult geese are all donated to food pantries to feed the needy in our local area. The majority of our Members understand and support the need for this process.

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