Beware of hashtag, #ChiefsKinDGom

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Posted at 4:29 PM, Dec 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-31 19:04:40-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs Kingdom spreads far and wide. There’s a lot to be excited about right now: a quarterback who’s thrown for 50 touchdowns, Chris Jones’ sacks and Tyreek Hill’s touchdowns and celebrations.

With an AFC West title and the number one seed in the AFC, there’s much reason for fans to tweet their Chiefs pride.

But beware, of the misspelled hashtag -- #ChiefsKindgom

At a glance, it all seem correct. In the middle of the game, moments after an exciting play, it’s easy to fall victim.

See, when typing #ChiefsKingdom, Twitter will predict what hashtag you want to use, and the incorrect one pops up as number one.

Many have suffered. The Governor of Missouri

41 Action News Anchor

And the quarterback himself.

Look before you send the tweet and after it’s sent, if you don’t see the arrowhead, you’ve got it wrong.