Chiefs Defense leads to 5-0 start

Chiefs dominate on defense
Chiefs strong on all phases of their game
Chiefs strong on all phases of their game
Chiefs strong on all phases of their game
Chiefs strong on all phases of their game
Posted at 11:49 PM, Oct 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 00:50:32-04

We knew we were going to see the best defense in the league on Sunday, we just didn't know they would be wearing red shirts.

"It shows what kind of team we are at every phase of the game." said quarterback Patrick Mahomes.  "We can win games with everyone on this team it's not just the offense, it's not just the defense or just the special teams. We are a unit and we believe that.  I'm excited just to come out with a win like we did today when the defense stepped up and made a ton of plays and gave us chances to make plays."

Swarming.Tenacious. Call it whatever you want. The Chiefs defense was superb, but more importantly they were good when they had to be.

Five take aways including a pick 6 from Chris Jones. This KC defense made it clear they are tired of being pushed around.

"Defensive effort was great the intensity was great we got a little chirpy but the intensity the toughness and the effort that the defense played well." said defensive tackle Chris Jones I'm just proud of my guys man it's all about getting better every week. I'm proud of my guys."

Andy Reid praised the well rounded win. "It's a team. We don't point fingers we don't do any of that we're all in it." said Reid.  "We expect every phase to pick up the other phase when one phase is down and we have been able to do that so far.  We gotta keep that rolling."

So now the big question is can the Chiefs keep that momentum rolling when they head to Foxboro next week on a game you can watch on your 41 Action News Station.