Mixed reaction from Chiefs fans on Michael Vick

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people believe that second chances in life are necessary. Former quarterback turned Chiefs coaching intern Michael Vick received a second chance from Andy Reid to play football.

That chance came after Vick was arrested and convicted of Felony Dog Fighting in 2007. Authorities confiscated 157 dogs from Bad Newz Kennels after the dog fighting ring was discovered there.

Vick served 23 months in prison. After his release, Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 where he played under Andy Reid. Vick's playing days are now over. However, he's now receiving an opportunity to coach in Kansas City.

But, Chiefs fans have given mixed reviews of Vick in Kansas City. St. Joseph resident Irvin Smith grew up in Newport News, Virginia in the same rough neighborhood that Vick grew up in. Many, including Irvin, nickname the city Bad News for how rough certain parts of town are.

"I came here [to Chiefs camp] because I heard Andy Reid hired Michael Vick. God bless you, Andy Reid," Smith said. "You gave my man a second chance. We love him in Bad News."

Irvin went on to say that Vick is an inspiration to those that came where Vick came from.

"Man, we grew up in the same neighborhood. It's a bad neighborhood man. Okay? It's a real bad neighborhood. He's an inspiration because he came up out of it," Smith said.

But, some people are not happy Vick is with the team. A group of people, including animal rights advocates, picketed and held protests at the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot on Wednesday to voice their displeasure.

Diehard Chiefs fans are supporting Vick despite his past transgressions.

"I have no problem with Vick being on the field," Patrick Glasford said. "He made a mistake in life. He did his punishment and his time. And, if he can help the team out, by any means, absolutely I wanna see him down there."

Vick was only supposed to be with the team for three weeks during training camp as part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship. However, it's unclear if the team will keep him on and hire him full-time.

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