Patrick Mahomes moves up Chiefs depth chart

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Call it whatever you'd like, an advanced evaluation. Maybe a promotion? Whatever the case, Chiefs rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes is moving up the depth chart at least for the final week of training camp.

"It's not because of Tyler's (Bray) performance in the game. I thought he actually played very well," said Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid. "Patrick did a nice job too so it gives him an opportunity to step up and work with that second group and see what he can do there."

Tight end Travis Kelce has also been impressed with how Mahomes has progressed. 

"We are throwing a lot at the guy and it's fun to see him grow.  Everyone saw how the fans got when he finally got into the preseason game. It's fun to see what the young guy can do and sure enough, we are all growing with him and helping him along with the process." said Kelce. "He's doing just fine and I'm sure he's going to be just as good as everyone expects him to be."

Reid did mention the switch is only for practice right now and has yet to make a decision concerning the next preseason game. The Chiefs will break camp Wednesday.

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