F.L. Schlagle senior running back Ivan Webb is the Hy-Vee Athlete of the Week

Kansas City, Kan. - F.L. Schlagle senior running back Ivan Webb may have had one of the best running performances in school history last Friday night against Washington.

Webb rushed 21 times for 378 yards and seven touchdowns in the Stallions' 56-8 win over Washington. Ivan's numbers are staggering considering Schlagle has only played four games this season. He's already amassed 1,232 yards, and 15 touchdowns. Those number would certainly be much higher as he's had six TD's called back due to various penalties on the field.

"He opened the first two touches with touchdowns, "Schlagle Head Coach DWayne Williams said. "He had a 52 and a 70-something-odd yarder in the first two touches of the game. So, me being a running back [at Big 10 school Iowa], you know you know the rhythm. You know, he was in a rhythm early. So, as he was in that rhythm, I wanted to keep him in that rhythm."

F.L. Schlagle has set a new standard for football excellence especially at the running back position.

"You carry a whole school, city and name when you're at Schlagle running back. Like USC, that's Running Back U. Schlagle is Running Back High. That's what we produce," Ivan said.

Coach Williams knew Ivan's potential for greatness. He also knows Ivan can still become ever better than he already is as a player.

"The one thing that people haven't seen him do yet is catch the ball out the backfield," Williams said. "He probably has [the best] hands of any wide receiver in the state. And, you know, that's the other thing people don't know about. Somewhere down the line, he'll get to showcase that."

Ivan's transformation into arguably the best back in Kansas was not an easy one. He transferred to Schlagle his Sophomore year but soon thereafter, he broke his collarbone. Additionally, Webb sat behind two great running backs on the roster: J'Veyon Browning now at Northern Iowa and Cornelius Ruff now at Kansas State.

"He put in a lot of work over the summer to get to where he is right now," Williams said. "We talked a lot over the summer time about the situation, about Cornelius [Ruff] last year, what Cornelius did to get to where he got. And, all Ivan did was just cashed in. He's showing everything, everybody his true talent, his true ability of what he can do."

In addition, what added to Ivan's toughness is the fact that his father passed away in 2010. Ivan was presented the Hy-Vee Athlete of the Week award seven years to the day his father was buried. He says that's his father is out there with him every time he steps on the field.

"My biggest reason for my success is my dad. You know, he's my everything. I've got him tatted on my arm you know," an emotion Ivan said. "Every game, I like - I don't know. I go to the bathroom and separate myself and cry in a sense. You know, and then I come out [to the field]. I talk to my lineman. I talk to my coach, get the game plan and get it going. And, my dad is my biggest motivation cause family, I'm very family-oriented. And, when I lost my dad in my life, it kind of pushed me to a different level."

NOTE: The Hy-Vee 41 Five-Star Athlete of the Week segment airs during a new night in the 2017 season. The segment will air on Wednesday nights during the 10 p.m. sportscast. It previously aired on Thursdays. 

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