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Olathe West bowler Mike Anderson doesn't stay in his lane

Mike Anderson
Posted at 10:38 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 00:09:36-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Olathe West High School bowler Mike Anderson doesn't stay in his lane.

"We have to share Mike, but it's an awesome thing, Mike's an incredible athlete," Sam Palm, Olathe West bowling coach said.

Anderson is a three-sport athlete for the Owls.

He plays linebacker on the football team, point-guard on the basketball team and still has talent to spare for the bowling team.

"He doesn't miss any of our meets, he never misses their games and he makes it work," Palm said. "He works really hard to do that."

With bowling and basketball sharing the same season, Anderson has to juggle practices, games and meets.

"I'll miss basketball practices for meets and then sometimes [on] meet days, I'll go bowl at a meet and then play in a game that night," Anderson said.

It's a booked schedule, but it's right up Anderson's alley. He's been bowling since the age of three with his grandfather.

"We bowled in the kitchen [and] in the driveway when I was really little and then I got up at the bowling alley as soon as I could," Anderson said. "He started me and both my siblings really young."

Strike out football and basketball, Anderson plans to roll with bowling in college, but is still undecided.

"Bowling, he's next level. He won state as a freshman as an individual," Palm said. "He won city and our regional last year as an individual and this year, he won our league the Sunflower League, so he's gotten all the titles he's needed thus far and he holds most of our records at the school as well."

Bowling regionals will be held in Topeka, Kansas, on Friday.