Prairie Village Police Department reflects on shootings, community support

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 18:45:24-04

The most interaction many of us ever have with an officer is when we are in trouble. That's why the Prairie Village Police Department said they are working to change that, and it's all starting with a Coffee with a Cop.

"We want the interaction with the public, we want the open dialogue. We want to show them that we are normal people, just like them. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, just like they are," said Capt. Byron Roberson.

Coffee with a Cop helps people in the community get to know their protectors. It's a chance not many people get, and with the recent police shootings, it's a chance many people need.

"I hope they see that our policemen are everyday people," said Prairie Village Councilwoman Jori Nelson. "That they are here to do a job to protect us, to inform us, to make sure that we are safe."

But the idea of being a target is never far from their minds.

"They are attacking what you stand for - the badge," said Nelson. "Every officer is maybe a little vigilant of that, but it has not changed what we do. We all swore to serve and protect an sometimes that may be that you have to make the ultimate sacrifice and give your life for someone. But we all are willing to do that every day because that is what we are made of."

And on Thursday, a lot of people showed up to share their coffee and their thanks.

"That is what we sign up to do," said the captain. "Sometimes people lose sight of that. They think we are just out to write tickets and put people in jail. That is part of our job, but the main reason every officer does this job is because we want to help someone, we want to save the day."



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