Will Shields offers Cynthia Newsome workout advice

Shields and Newsome workout

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Former Kansas Chief Will Shields helped Cynthia Newsome with some workout advice at his sports facility in Overland Park, Kan. Shields owns 68 Inside Sports, and is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals to lead healthy lives.

Shields instructed Newsome on a muscle-strengthening device called the stick. It's a thin, metal pole with high-powered elastic on both sides. It's attached to a chain link fence, and the person using it pushes the pole up and down and forwards and backwards from a standing position or in a squat.

"It's a great way to target those muscles that are weak," Shields explained.

68 Inside Sports caters to adults and children of any fitness level, and also helps people with disabilities to achieve their fitness goals.

Shields recommended that people starting a workout program contact their physician to help set those goals.

"Then once you talk with your physician, we will help fit you into the right program for your goals," he said.

Shields said it takes 14 days to change a habit, so he recommends working out three times a week and then weekly, start increasing the amount of time during teach workout.

"You'll be surprised how you'll feel better," Shields added.

To find out more about programs offered at his facility, visit http://bit.ly/17Jo2me.

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