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Best ways to decorate with outdoor artificial plants

Best ways to decorate with outdoor artificial plants
Posted at 12:35 PM, Apr 10, 2024

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Everyone wasn’t born with a green thumb, and that’s why we have outdoor artificial plants. Maintaining living greenery can be tedious, especially if you encounter occasional visits from neighborhood friends like squirrels, raccoons, cats or your own pets. With outdoor artificial plants, you get the same green look with half the upkeep.

There are various benefits to decorating your space with outdoor artificial plants.

  • They’re an easy way to integrate different colors and sizes into your garden.
  • They require less maintenance.
  • They’re cost-effective.
  • They decorate the unattractive parts of your yard.

“Utilizing outdoor artificial plants can help bring an aesthetic look to your yard,” says Architect and Interior Designer Louise Messinga. They’re a quick fix to upgrading your space and creating a welcoming ambiance.

Purchasing artificial plants is only half the battle. Knowing how to arrange them is vital to pulling off an aesthetically pleasing yard or deck.  Evelina Juzėnaitė, Principal Interior Designer at Planner 5D, and Louise Messinga share tips and tricks on the best ways to spruce up your space with outdoor artificial plants.

Keep your eye on quality


When it comes to purchasing artificial outdoor plants, quality is key. You want greenery that offers longevity by surviving multiple seasons. Assessing the material of the stems and leaves can help determine your plant’s lifeline.

“Artificial plants, like furniture and decor, come in many different qualities. You should choose ones that are more resistant to external conditions, such as those resistant to ultraviolet radiation and rain (water). It’s important that they don’t lose their color quickly and instead retain their appearance in any weather and season,” suggests Juzėnaitė.

Louise Messinga agrees.

“Do not purchase low-quality artificial plants. You may be tempted to purchase them, but within a certain period, they start to deteriorate,” she says.

Image of back deck with 4 outdoor artificial plants hanging against wooden back drop. Outdoor space is decorated with 2 chairs and a round center table

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Be creative with your configuration


Adding your living plants to the artificial ones creates the perfect illusion. The contrast offers variety to your growing jungle. Experiment by purchasing unique greenery that meshes well with your current collection. You might not be able to grow Birds of Paradise in your yard, but your guests don’t know that — and they won’t be able to tell the difference.

“To create a more realistic display, choose different kinds of plants and combine them. It’s just like in real nature — a few plants offset each other. For example, use different colors, textures, and heights so it will be more interesting and look more natural,” says Juzėnaitė.

Use mulch or rocks to decorate


Messinga agrees and adds, “To give your artificial plants a natural look, mix in a few low-maintenance live plants and decorate with mulch, rocks, soil, or moss.”

Decorating with mulch, rocks, soil, or moss can instantly upgrade your plant display. Use the mulch to create a clean, uniform look, and add rocks for a nice contrast in color and texture. When used together, they can create borders and designs to further enhance the yard’s aesthetic.

White rocks used to decorate outdoor garden. Stones are surrounded by 5 square blocks and a small plant in a planter

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Use your outdoor artificial plants to hide sore spots


Artificial plants help add color and personality to the less attractive parts of your yard. If you want to camouflage a sore spot, position your faux greenery to enhance the targeted areas.

“There are places in your garden where real plants, trees, and other living organisms don’t want to grow because of the earth or lack of sun. In such places, you can install artificial plants in the same exact colors. In this way, your garden will not be boring, and all seasons of the year will be green,” says Juzėnaitė

Spray your artificial plants with UV protection


“Real plants fade in the sun, and so can artificial plants. Make sure to spray them with UV protection and place them in a shaded area, not directly in the sun,” says Messinga.

If they’re well-maintained, artificial plants can live for a while. Positioning them out of the sun and protecting them with products like 303 Aerospace Protectant promotes longevity.

Close up shot of 303 Products Marine Aerospace Protectant – UV Protection

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Use plant pots for your outdoor artificial plants


To maintain a cohesive and realistic display of your artificial plants, Messinga suggests “not planting them in the ground but potting them instead.”

Artificial plants don’t have the same flare when they’re in the ground as they do when they’re in a planter. Using pots allows you to color-coordinate your decor and move things around without having to uproot your artificial plants.

Keep your plants clean


It is important to keep your yard clean, whether your garden is comprised of real plants or artificial ones. A manicured lawn, trimmed hedges, and clean plants are vital to your outdoor space. Just like you would water your living plants, Messinga says it’s important to “fluff and clean your artificial plants by washing them with soap and water.”




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