Get an inside look at some of Comic-Con's lesser-known activities

Posted at 12:42 PM, Jul 23, 2018

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Comic-Con is synonymous with things like costumes and those special video clips that come out before the trailer for a TV show or movie — but there is so much more going on. And the best part is the activities outside don’t require one of those tickets that are so hard to get. 

41 Action News’ Stephanie Carr hit the streets to try some of them out.

The Good Place

NBC’s The Good Place popped up in the Gaslamp Quarter, a re-creation of the town square on the show. A wristband helps keep track of your interactions inside — then gives you a score to reveal if you ended up in The Good Place or The Bad Place.


SyFy's human claw game took over The New Children's Museum. Instead of stuffed animals inside this giant version of the arcade classic, there's a box of mystery prize boxes. After some instructions, you fly in and try to grab a box. Inside, you'd find a collectible toy and a T-shirt.

SyFy's karaoke bus took the party to the streets. We hopped on board for the sing-along. As the music blared, the bus became a rolling tourist attraction, with people on the streets waving and taking pictures. The performers got a limited edition gift on top of the mystery box in each seat.

DC Comics

DC let you pick from a list of several activities.

In the Harley Quinn chaos room, the first thing you do is suit up with a couple pairs of gloves and a helmet. Then, the asylum guard hands you a bat and locks you in.

Once inside, you get 39 seconds to go crazy and smash whatever you can. 

Believe it or not, DC said the padded walls were white before fans splattered paint everywhere.

In another activity, DC takes you inside the Court of Owls, fashioned as a haunted house to keep guests guessing.