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Movie Review: The Black Panther breaks molds

Posted at 4:25 PM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 17:47:01-05

It currently has the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action superhero movie and our critics break down why Black Panther is getting high marks. The voices behind Screened on the Spot, a new podcast that is available on 38 The Spot.com, Sarah Unruh, Chris Allen and Justin Nosler, say the movie is action-packed and important on a racial and cultural level.

Chris' thoughts:

Black Panther is the most entertaining, powerful and relevant superhero movie there is. It's a film the world needs right now.
I don't really like superhero movies. There's too many of them. And with too many of them, and not enough time in our daily lives, how do you know which ones to see?
See Black Panther. The visuals are stunning. But not to be seen in 3D. Black Panther plays better on a two-dimensional surface. The 3D takes away from the cinematography and ultimately the story. DO NOT PAY THE MONEY FOR 3D!
It's a little more violent than what I was expecting. There's no gory images or anything. So I wouldn't be too concerned with families going to see it. 
Ultimately it's a movie everyone needs to see. It's a movie for everyone. Even if you don't like superhero movies like me, you will LOVE Black Panther.

Justin's thoughts:

Unlike most entries in this flooded market of superhero movies, Black Panther gives us something more personal and human with that Marvel flair. I knew going into it this film would be important for cultural and racial reasons, but was pleasantly surprised at the greatness of its female characters. As great as Boseman is, it's the women that steal the show, becoming as much a hero (or more) as Black Panther himself. Equally great is the villain, played by Michael B. Jordan who's given us a compelling and surprisingly sympathetic villain, and the best the MCU has had since Loki. With Black Panther, Marvel proves they're not slowing down anytime soon, giving us arguably their most absorbing and important entry to date.


Sarah's thoughts:

If the Marvel movies leave you confused and scratching your head over all the different plots, dozens of superhero characters, and exhausted from the never-ending stream of movies you have to keep up with - Black Panther will ground you.

We are in a world hidden from everything. It might not feel like as much is at stake as an intergalactic war because we aren't seeing the threat of the total destruction of earth, but this conflict hits much closer to home. Socio-economic status and classism become the evil here - sometimes the hand you're dealt isn't fair and it's hard to get a leg up in life. Many people relate to fighting a system where you are set up to fail. 

As such, this isn't your typical cute Marvel movie. It's far more serious, violent, and real. At times Black Panther feels like James Bond rather than a comic book movie with spying scenes, cool tech, car chases, and fist fights. This movie stands on its own, apart from the previous movies.